DBappsys LLC is an IT Consulting firm with a specific focus on database technologies supporting critical business applications. Our database management team is comprised of seasoned professionals who possess the business background, project management experience and technology expertise to deliver business-critical technology solutions. These solutions include a variety of platforms, devices and networks, including integration with legacy systems, development of business applications and web-based functionality.

At DBappsys, we put emphasis on long-term, value added relationships with a commitment to understand our customers business needs. By leveraging proven industry experience and expertise, we develop technology and business solutions to compliment the strategic focus of your company.

Our services support a wide range of technologies including Microsoft SQL Server(version 6.5 thru 2016), Oracle (version 10g thru 12c), Sybase-SAP (version 11.0 thru Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0), IBM DB2(version 9.1 thru 10.5), MySQL (version 4.5 thru 5.7), Hadoop, Couchbase, MongoDB, Teradata and Database Appliances.

Our highly-talented pool of DBAs have architected, configured, rollouts, database migrations, and upgrades for some of the largest companies in the world. We work with customers in all phases of deployments: evaluation, proof of concept, initial architecture, data loading, operations, high availability, sizing, SAN layout, database migrations, and performance issues.

In addition to database infrastructure services, we also provide production support services for commercial off the shelf applications from Microsoft, Oracle and VMware, and build applications on top that deliver unique value to your business.

IT Consulting and Staffing Services

DBappsys with its service offerings developed over years of industry experience is uniquely positioned to provide scalable IT Consulting and Staffing Solutions tuned specifically to meet customer's resources needs. At DBappsys, we provide IT consultants on contract, contract-to-hire or permanent basis to our customers' immediate and long-term resource needs. These consultants are topnotch technical talent ranging from Project Managers, Architects, Technical Leads and Business Analysts to Programmer Analysts in the areas of Client-Server, e-Commerce, ERP, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence, Infrastructure & Networking other technical areas.

When it comes to providing consultants on contract basis, we at DBappsys can quickly put together a competent team to enable our clients to leverage the latest technology in the least possible time frame.

Database Infrstructure Management Services

Assessment and Evaluation Services:

Build and Implementation Services

Operations and Maintenance Services

Remote and On-site Database Administration Services

Through our Remote DBA services and cost-effective database administration, you only pay for what you need. We offer a range of flexible database Administration solutions which include both remote and on-site services, tailored to suit the specific requirements of your business:

For small to medium business which may not have VPN infrastructure in place, we can also offer remote access solutions using TeamViewer or LogmeIn; whereby you control the availability of access into your environment.

With so many options available, you no longer have put your information systems at risk. Contact us today to find out more about our DBA solutions and learn how we can tailor a solution to suit your business.

Contact us: contact@dbappsys.com

Technical Support: support@dbappsys.com

Phone: (510) 573-6481

Performance Tuning

Do you have a SQL Server that is running slow? Are you considering adding more hardware to improve the speed? Performance tuning can tune your existing server, to run faster without always requiring more hardware. DBappsys can help you get the most out of your SQL Server.

Server Upgrades

Need help moving from that old unsupported version of SQL Server, to a newer version? Do you need help just confirming if your upgrade plan will work? Would you like to have someone available if something goes wrong? Would you prefer to just hand off the upgrade to someone else? Would you like training to prepare you for this upgrade, and many upgrades in the future? DBappsys can help in all of these environments.

Data Migrations

Do you have data in one database that needs to be replicated or moved to another database? Do you want to move your MySQL Data into a SQL Server? For these and many more data migration solutions, DBappsys is ready to help.

High Availability

Does your SQL Servers need to run 247 with minimal down time? Will your entire workforce be blocked if the SQL Server needs to be restarted? DBappsys can help you improve your uptime, system reliability, and availability.

Disaster Recovery

What would happen if your SQL Server was destroyed by natural or human caused disaster? Do you know what risks you may be currently exposed to? DBappsys can help you analyze your risks for disaster, and build a recovery plan, and help train your team to support that plan.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Do you need a SSRS Report created? Do you need help with a BI dashboard? How about building a data warehouse? DBappsys has experience in these areas and can with your Business Intelligence needs.